Car Parts

Car Parts are Absolutely Essential to the life of a Car. Heck Even Fred Flinstone had to have a Car Parts though it was only a brontosaurus bone. When you go to your local Autoparts store you are offered a few different types of replacement car parts.  Typically labeled Aftermarket car parts, OEM replacements and just press joom .  The Average joe buys OEM replacement as this is the commonly suggested part to buyers. Car Tuners will look for performance car parts that have a higher then normal characteristics. For instance brake pads are normally longer lasting and built for a car to go 200+ miles an hour to a stop.. yes we use race car grade parts to drive everyday but let me tell you we can stop on a dime too =)

Now for the guys who know how to be thrifty and some times good bargainers Junkyards seem to crop up with some good car parts as well. I can’t tell you the amount of parts that are resold online from people who go to Junkyards and pick up the parts for resale online. Find a local junkyard and take a look, it might have what you need or you can help your buddy out on something.