Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance is probably the one thing We All Really Don’t Like about the Whole Aspect of  Car Care. While Maintenance is Super Important after all we dump a Ton of money into the car to Tune it .. Now we have to keep it up to Ship shape. This comes down to the Love or Cars..  Do you love you Car or are you just a Supporter viewing  A lover wants to do everything for his Car understand the inner workings and what makes things tick..  A supporter just wants to drive the car and let the professionals maintain it.  One does require a little more deeper pockets then the other but thats your choice!

One thing to help you either way is to start a car maintenance schedule on your car and it could help you extend the life of your car keeping your mind on following the schedule.. do you have a calendar?  The other part to your schedule is the quality of the products that are being installed in your car.  Car maintenance products are not created equally and some people just like to install what ever is the cheapest but if you are going to invest some much money on a turbo and paint job go the next step and read the maintenance tips the dealer provides and pick the appropriate new car maintenance products they recommend or something a notch higher.