Car Audio

Car Audio is probably just as important in my book as Car looks or performance.  Car audio has come a long way in the past 20 years then any other area of the car industry though I can’t say that factory installs at least on the american side are not setting better standards yet,.  The Electronics for Car audio and Accessories have gotten so much better I can’t tell you how many times I dreaded trying to find what wire fits with what speakers.. the new accessories they have out for every car it seems makes even changing a radio something almost anyone can do from home now days. Automated car audio install video’s and online editors remove any other worry about doing your own car audio upgrades as well.

Though some of the companie have gotten better some got worse and so when choosing your next set of car audio electronics make sure you catch up with a few magazines in the industry and read the forums to see exactly what is going on read it JOOM. My favorite store Audio Buys went out of business but best buys and circuit city helped pick up some of the slack for failing customized start ups in the area.  I guess Ebay contributed to the demise as well..  oh well. keep your eye drums safe.. watch the db fall.