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Car Babes

Car babes are hands down why dudes are going to Car Shows, its the babes !

I Ain’t gonna lie, who doesn’t like a Nice Women in there Car. I mean after all we are improving all aspects of the car…. Why not what sits in the Passenger seat too!

Typically Most of the Car Models or babes if you wanna say are truly working models. Girls Modeling at a Car Show is a good way to do some self promoting and money to extend there modeling careers there So Gentlemen be respectful at least they are nice enough to hang out on your cars for those pictures!

Car girls are not a new thing to the industry as well.  Some of the Fastest cars that are raced are by car girls. In the NHRA and NIRA girls have become a force to recon with, they are not always as they seem =)

Then you have just the typical Girls Car sitting pretty in pink or purple on the car show row.  I think by now you understand I welcome Car women in to the Car scene. However  you choose to Show your Car.