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Car Tuning

Car Tuning to me is a persons ability to make the car there own. The Factory just kicks out a normal styled cars to meet the industry needs, Car Tuners are all about Fine Tuning there vehicles.

Typically the 3 area’s that improved upon are Looks, Performance and Handling.

Examples of Looks or otherwise known as Exterior but lets keep it Real. We are all shooting for a Look,  Big Rims, Low profile tires maybe add a bodykit to add more styling to the base of the still Joom.   More then Often the Looks are Done before any other Modification to a Car.

Performance is another area highly customized by car. Under Hood is were the true difference is.  Upgrading your Engine internal parts, Cams, Head port and polish to just plain old Spark plug wires and Air Intake.  This Will make the Take easier!  Though if you have a heavier hand adding a Turbo to your Car tuning needs is always a excellent way to go =)  Make sure you visit a car tuning studio to get that tuned correctly though it can be a nightmare to maintain of not done correctly.

Last But Not Least Handing and Lowering for car tuning. Some consider lowering a performance and depends on person they can say its a Looks issue. I categorize handling with it because you get less Body Roll and you of the true ride of the car versus when you had a stock set of springs to Cushion the Ride.

So Keep it Straight..  Or Get to Car Tunning !