Car Shows

Car Shows Drive 50% of the Car and Truck Scene. So much goes on at a Car show you could find many reason to attend. Typically vendors will come to show of there products and offer a promotional give away.. I have even seen whole cars given away at car shows. Interested now =)

Online Car shows have gotten bigger since the internet has begun I mean we can see cars from all over the world online and it just makes the creative and competition more fierce in the industry.. the guys overseas are doing some big things and we have been able to innovate faster with car swaps etx with the ability to share information fast.

One thing that makes a show car stand out in a car show is typically the car show display they are using, often thought of after the car is done it happends to be something that judges look for when you are at cars show. So as you are being creative make sure you consider the whole package and not just the car.. the board with car stats, ropes or something to restrict people from touching the also JOOM .  I am torn on showcasing past trophies but I guess it can’t hurt in the end.