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Who Is Andrew Charalambous?

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He are some facts on UKIP’s Andrew Charalambous

Andrew Charalambous is an English businessman and property developer from Highgate in London and is currently a spokesperson for the United Kingdom Independence Party.

In his early years he attended school in Tottenham near Broadwater Farm in which during this period the Tottenham riots occurred.

At the age of fourteen Andrew signed up to the Tory party roster and in 1992 he became one of the youngest people ever to be a Conservative Parliamentary candidate by running in Tottenham and eventually came second to the Labour Party.

He started his property business from nothing and as a private landlord makes it easy for his tenants to rent a property by never asking for references, charging a deposit or expensive admin fees.

In 2010 he decided to leave the Conservative Party as he felt a lack of support from them on many issues.

The main reasons including the closure of the casualty department of a hospital that he campaigned for to stay open, immigration levels rising despite the party promising that they would go down and no support for his campaign to make St Georges Day a national holiday.

Andrew joined UKIP in 2011 and is now their spokesperson on national housing and environment.

Andrew is a keen environmentalist and is dedicated to saving the green spaces in Britain’s countryside and has campaigned to save Estover Park from development by the Tory Council at the time. You can read a little more on this at the Andrew Charalambous blog

Andrew is passionate about helping tackle the homelessness issue in London in particular and it has been known for him to take people off of the streets and put them in his properties free of charge.

Andrew has many hobbies including classical music, collecting antiques, traveling and fine wine. He is also a health fanatic.

You can read more about Andrew at his official blog and the Andrew Charalambous Linkedin page